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About Us

EmployeesMole Busters is a company that specializes in controlling moles, voles and gophers and reduces the extensive damage that is done to commercial, recreational and residential landscapes by using the most advanced technology in the industry.

Mole Busters’ philosophy is preserving life, the environment and maintaining the tranquility of public and private landscapes

Mole Busters has discovered a safe and effective way to rid your landscape of these animals without causing harm to the environment, your family, or pets

Our Mission

EmployeesMole Busters will provide the highest quality of excellence in controlling mole, vole and gopher damage by the most advanced techniques and technologies.

Mole Busters will lead the industry in development of advanced technology through scientific research.

Mole Busters will make continuous efforts to preserve all forms of landscapes from mole, vole and gopher damage.

Mole Busters will strive to provide environmentally friendly products, develop enthusiastically satisfied customers, and seek successful growth of the employees and the business.

Mole Busters will make a continuing effort to support charities and community functions through community service and donations.


Associates and Employees

At Mole Busters we are seeking individuals who will contribute to bringing visionary strategies that will define the industry.

At Mole Busters we enable people to visualize success in business, education, philanthropy and creativity. We achieve our success through the contributions of our employees’ integrity, judgement, motivation, teamwork, and perseverance.

A Letter from the CEO

Mole Busters is a company that has unlimited potential as a multi-million dollar franchise operation. Mole Busters is not just looking to hire anyone. We are looking for individuals who want to explore their options and potential. We are looking for individuals whose talent may be overlooked in a large corporation or individuals who know they have more to offer a company but their current employer is not allowing you to grow. We are a specialized niche company that has grown past the grass roots of it’s operation. We need to have those who are willing to over look the name and realize the unlimited opportunities that you may have at Mole Busters.

It is companies like Mole Busters, that start off as the “ugly duckling” but later become the “swan”. Take a moment of your time and ask yourself what is it that you want out of life? Do you want to surround yourself with Shakers and Movers? Or stay in your comfort zone? I don’t need talent on paper! I need performers!

“When you climb a mountain it is very steep on the side and not too many people want to climb the side of the mountain. However, everyone loves the view from the top.”

If you are willing to climb the mountain I am willing to discuss opportunities.


Best Regards,

J. W. Powell Jr.
Mole Busters LLC